People and Portraits

The aim is to capture the essence of the person, in a natural setting to reflect their work, interests, or personality
  1. Circus Act
    Circus Act
  2. Glastonbury & Religion
    Glastonbury & Religion
  3. Tea Pickers, Sri Lanka
    Tea Pickers, Sri Lanka
  4. Festival Manager
    Festival Manager
  5. Scientific Work
    Scientific Work
  6. Arvo Pärt
    Arvo Pärt
  7. Festival Volunteer
    Festival Volunteer
  8. Mark Radcliffe
    Mark Radcliffe
  9. Puppeteer at The Globe
    Puppeteer at The Globe
  10. Whitworth Gallery
    Whitworth Gallery
  11. Florence Clown
    Florence Clown
  12. Clint Boon
    Clint Boon
  13. Clown
  14. Program Sales
    Program Sales
  15. Roy Jenkins
    Roy Jenkins